The Pearce Sisters - directed by Luis Cook

A Winning Weekend for The Pearce Sisters

On Sunday 10th February, Director Luis Cook and Producer Jo Allen picked up the prestigious BAFTA film award for best short animation

Based upon the story by: Mick Jackson
Adapted by Luis Cook
Design & Layout: Luis Cook
Animation: Adam Cootes, Nigel Davies, Eve Coy, Theresa Whatley, Emma Greenwood, Les Orton, Marten Jonmark, Dan Lane
Editor: Dan Williamson
Voices: Len Gray, Dan Williamson
Sound Supervisor: Will Norie
Dubbing Editor: Sean Richards
Script Editor: Phil Parker
Models & Texturing: Andrew Lavery
Compositing: Bram Ttwheam
Additional Models: Tom Lord
Rigging: Steve Roberts
Technical Director: Philip Child
Thank you: Steve Harding Hill, Darren Robbie, Chris Domaille, Hilary Jelbert, Laurel Jelbert Cook
Executive Producers: Peter Lord, David Sproxton, Miles Bullough, Helen Brunsdon
Production Assistants: Maggie O'Connor, Elena Wong, Rae Rawlings
Producer: Jo Allen
Directed by Luis Cook